• Bacteria Testing

    Testing may be performed to evaluate water following a sewage backflow that may contain a wide variety of pathogenic organisms including Salmonella, Shigella, enteric viruses, Giardia, Cyptosporidium, and multicellular parasites.  Sewage may also contain blood-borne pathogens such as HIV and… Read More

  • Lead Testing

    Lead is a toxic metal that may cause a range of health effects in both children and adults, from behavioral problems and learning disabilities to seizures and death. Almost one million children between the ages of one and… Read More

  • Asbestos Testing

    Asbestos is a carcinogen that can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other serious respiratory ailments. Thousands of building materials were manufactured with asbestos before it was banned in 1970 and there are over 2000 commercial applications for… Read More

  • Mold Testing

    Active fungal growth in indoor environments is potentially hazardous as it may lead to exposure and adverse health effects. The following indicators may confirm and determine the extent of suspect contamination: source sampling of contamination, presence of moldy… Read More

  • Water Damage Testing

    Water damage incidents, when not dealt with properly, can be a costly occurrence and can often result in extensive damage to structure and contents and accompanying microbial contamination, such as mold growth and bacteria. These incidents can vary… Read More

  • Fire Damage Testing

    Damage from a fire is as dynamic as exists in the restoration industry, examples include: Heat damage causing wood to char and steel to twist; thermal shock (abrupt cooling of materials) causing porcelain fixtures to shatter and brick… Read More

Our Mission

We recognize that increased knowledge and public awareness about Indoor Air Quality has created a vacuum of public and private sector involvement.

Indoor Air Quality Management Services, Inc. will lead the industry through the challenges inherent to the changing IAQ science with specialized continuing education and diligent ethics.

  • We will continually educate our team in changing the field of Indoor Air Quality.
  • We will pursue the marketplace without leveraging fear.
  • We will investigate problems and temper over-reaction with a knowledgeable, reasonable standard of care.
  • We will solve difficult problems without the expense of unnecessary testing.
  • We will prevent problems with a unique understanding of causal relationships
  • We will present effective solutions without conflict of interest.
  • We will ultimately serve the human health, economic, and legal needs of our clients.
  • We will apply the science of indoor air quality by understanding the value of a credible industry.

Our Services

IAQ Management Services, Inc. was created to offer specialized and certified testing and consulting in Water Damage Assessment, Fire Damage Assessment, Odor Investigations, Sick Building Diagnostics, & Energy Audits & Hazardous Material Testing. Our IAQ Specialists use state-of-the-art… Read More

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Our Certifications

Our professionals have very specific certifications and training in order to assist you with your indoor air quality needs. Some of IAQ Management Services’s professional certifications are as listed below.

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As known experts in our industry, we frequently receive questions on common topics related to mold, air quality, and testing services.  Our frequently asked questions and answers have been combined into a reference list for easy use.  Should… Read More

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